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Cuemaster @ FIFA World Cup Draw in Qatar

Last April Cuemaster provided a teleprompter system and operator for the World Cup Final Draw held in Doha, Qatar. The teleprompter was used by the hosts of the show. After the FIFA The Best Awards held in January this was the second assignment for FIFA in 3 months time. 

New PTZ camera’s

When Covid-19 came to the world we quickly understood that events would go digital. To accommodate our clients we invested in 2 more PTZ camera’s. We added 2 Panasonic AW-130 camera’s to our inventory. We have 3 available now. They are ideal for smaller events that need to be streamed. They can also be used […]

New mobile production unit with ATEM 4 and URSA Broadcast cameras

Recently Cuemaster added a second mobile production unit to its inventory. This unit is built around the Blackmagic ATEM 4 switcher, suited with the new Advanced Panel. The cameras are the new Blackmagic URSA Broadcast cameras, equiped with fiber connections, 7″ viewfinders, and they fit any broadcast lens available. Camera control is done via the […]

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